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Dani Rodrik´s conference in Uruguay

Dani Rodrik spoke about the challenges of employment in the present and the future. The conversation was led and had Professor Eduardo Levy Yeyati as his counterpart.

Harvard professor Dani Rodrik emphasized the creation of good jobs within the framework of new patterns of globalization and technological change. As well as the incentives that must be created for this to happen.

The future of work and its link with technology is one of the most important challenges that developing countries must face. Among other things, because in many cases technology tends to serve as a substitute rather than a complement to employment.

During the exhibition he prioritized the exchange with Eduardo Levy Yeyati, advisor and partner of ÁGORA, as well as with the audience present.

We look forward to 2024 with a packed agenda of activities that challenges our members. In the following link you can access the full video of the conference:



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